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"And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion..."

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Greetings, Stranger

I take on many hats. Developer, Aspiring Data Scientist, Aspiring Entrepreuner, Builder and Internet nomad.
Browsin the intewebz since '09, I'm somewhat of an OG myself. Oh, I forgot to mention - Linux Purist
I've been programming since I was 8 starting out with LOGO (Ahh, Nostalgia). My first *real* venture into turing-completedness was Python. Python is gr8 and you're opinion is wrong Period. I agree with the fact it's slow but you just can't have everything can you?
I also started using Linux around the time with a VM, then made a complete switch a few months ago. I use Arch (BTW) Linux like the legend I am. Tried out Gentoo for a while. It broke 3 times in 2 weeks. Still love it tho.
I want to try out Lisp sometime and Low-Level code.

Hi, I'm Ayaan Syed . I'm a student / Gen-Z developer based in India. If I had to describe myself, I'm a Builder & Thinker . I mostly write code in Python and Javascript, but am looking to learn some more esoteric langauges. Read alot, on topics from Entrepreunership to Music. Occasioanlly, I might Blog. Love free and open-source software. Linux Purist. (I use Arch BTW). Send me an email for professional matters, shoot me a DM for a convo on an interesting topic.

Tech Stack

Python: Experienced
Dart/Flutter: Beginner
CSS/SASS: Intermediate
JavaScript: Intermediate
Bash/Shell: Experienced
Lisp: Beginner
SQL: Beginner
GitHub: Intermediate
Learning: Svelte

My Work

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